Fee Structure

Like all protocols, Gotchi Vault charges what we think are reasonable fees to incentivize users to keep their assets staked with the protocol.

Withdrawing GHST — A 0.5% fee will be charged on all withdrawals of GHST from the protocol.

ERC721 — there are currently no fees to deposit or withdraw your gotchis or parcels.

Rental Splits — to cover gas fees and operating costs, 5% of all alchemica received from rentals will go to the Vault

Fee Distribution

50% of ALL fees will be sent back to the vGHST contract itself; this means that vGHST holders earn half of all fees.

25% of fees go to the contract managers. During the initial 6 months of the protocol, this will be the Vault Managers described above (a multi-sig of 6 community members). Once control of the protocol is turned over to the DAO, VLT holders can reexamine how these fees are allocated

25% of fees go to the contract creators, a small group of individuals who conceptualized, and implemented the smart contracts and user interface.

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