Gotchi Vault

Aavegotchi is a state of the art DeFi/NFT/metaverse/play-to-earn project operating on the Polygon network. If you’re new to Aavegotchi, we highly recommend reading through the Introductory page on the Wiki.

One of the most common comments I hear when onboarding new users to the Aavegotchi universe is “there’s so much to do here, I don’t have time to actively manage all these assets.”

That’s where the GotchiVault comes in, which aims to be a fully decentralized, permissionless asset manager for the Aavegotchi ecosystem. With the GotchiVault, new and existing members of the Aavegotchi community can deposit their $GHST and Aavegotchis into a permissionless contract, where these assets can be securely managed, with the goal to optimize $GHST yield for all participants.

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